To blog or not to blog…

I’m thinking about starting a blog again. But I’m also thinking of not.

I have a lot of opinions and fully articulated thoughts that I repeat to myself on a daily basis. I have full monologues and passionate speeches on a variety of topics. I’m well versed in speaking my mind to an audience of one. But to an audience of more than just me? Nah… let’s not.

Or maybe…

I rarely say my opinions for a variety of reasons. A short list of these reasons include:

I have an uncanny ability to see all sides of most viewpoints which sometimes makes it incredibly impossible to articulate a nuanced opinion on any particular view.

I do not believe that opinions (of which this blog would contain) are set in stone and thus I am sure (as I have done with many a blog post and Facebook status) that I will eventually archive or delete everything I post in a few year’s time.

Humans can’t handle nuance- or even just not having a particular opinion or stance on a topic. (This is now making it sound like I’d be writing about super controversial topics.)

The internet creates a permanence that can be judged by all, as opposed to journals that will only be judged after I’m dead.

I don’t like confrontation and I firmly believe that what you put online is open to conversation and criticism- otherwise it’s an echochamber.

The moment you post anything online, you will immediately offend someone.

At the same time…

I’ve been learning that I have a voice that is not resigned to silence.

That I have a quiet confidence that does not come from me.

That maybe something I put here could help another person.

Or maybe it’ll just be radio silence.

There’s also an arrogance to posting things online- especially in blog form. What makes me think that I have something important enough to say that requires an extra online platform with a quippy little title? (That I’m quite proud of thankyouverymuch.)

Well, we’ll see what happens next…

Anyone wanna takes bets if I will actually post again?