Ten people I follow on Twitter… that you might like too.

I love Twitter. It’s fun and easy and disseminates information fast. My favorite part is that it allows you to follow a multitude of bloggers, authors, publications and a plethora or random tweeters, with very little effort. I believe you can tell a lot about a person when you look at who they follow. So, here is a list of ten tweeters on Twitter that you should follow.

1. Relevant Magazine- @RELEVANT
Relevant is a Christian magazine that isn’t afraid to look at everyday issues as well as more controversial ones. Constantly linking back to both their print magazine and online columns and editorials, there always a great chance that you’ll find differing opinions on all subjects.

TWLOHA or To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit organizations that works to break the stigma of mental illness and suicide. There work is very important to me and following them on Twitter helps me keep up to date on their efforts.

3. Donald Miller- @donaldmiller
Donald Miller is an author and blogger whose most famous publication is “Blue Like Jazz” which sparked a shift in Christian culture. His other publications talk about the evolution of faith and the changes that everyone goes through in the search to figure out who they are.

4. U.S. Figure Skating- @USFigureSkating
I’ll be honest, figure skating is my favorite sport (and yes it is a sport). As an avid figure skater, I turn to U.S. Figure Skating to learn about all of the official news and standings of some of today’s top figure skating athletes. This is especially important now, because of the upcoming U.S. National Figure Skating Championships in Omaha (which I am going to) at the end of next week.

5. Kelle Hampton- @KelleHampton
Kelle Hampton isn’t a political commentator or someone in sports, but a blogger turned author. Her story of raising a baby with down syndrome is inspiring and she has become a big advocate in education about special needs and acceptance.

6. Carissa Graham- @carissa_graham
So this is another non-commentator, but one of my all-time favorite bloggers. She has a passion for photography, her family and God, so expect expect a lot of photos of her kids. I enjoy following her because of her encouraging words and fun style.

7. Jon Foreman- @jonforeman
Jon Foreman is know most as the frontman for the band Switchfoot, but also for his self-titled side project. What he’s least know for are his occasional posts on Huffington Post which are both insightful and thought-provoking. Plus he puts out great music.

8. Mark Driscoll- @PastorMark
A Seattle-based pastor of the mega-church Marshill, Driscoll is highly influential as well as controversial. Regardless he has some interesting points and sermons so I like to keep him in the loop of tweeters I pay attention to.

9. PostSecret- @postsecret
PostSecret started as a way for people to mail in their secrets and they are published online. From that blog, books have been created and now conferences happen all over the country. The movement has inspired people to let go of their secrets and find freedom through sharing.

10. American Library Association- @ALALibrary
Well, I don’t have a ton to say about this one besides that I want to be a librarian, so it’s important to stay up on the latest library news!

Well those are my top 10 suggestions for you to follow on Twitter. Happy tweeting!

P.S. follow me on Twitter at @caitlin_ostberg


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