Russian adoption ban about more than the children.

At the end of 2012, Vladimir Putin signed a parliament-passed ban on adoption of Russian children to Americans. According to the editorial, “Putin’s adoption ban retaliation against United States,” from the Courier Press, this most recent development will put strain on U.S. and Russia relations as many parent, some of whom have already met their adopted children, have been put in limbo as to where their adoption stands.

According to the article, this ban has seemingly nothing to do with the rare cases of mistreatment by American adoptive parents, but more of a retaliation to a recent bill signed by the Obama Administration that bars “Russian human rights abusers from traveling to or having financial transactions in the United States.” Putin has also retaliated by banning nongonvernmental organizations with U.S. funding from political activity in Russia.

As the editorial continues, it talks about those who are negatively affected by this. Russia, in its need to spite the U.S. is harming its own children. The majority of the children adopted from Russia are given good homes and chances that they would never have if left in the Russian orphanages. According to the article, some of the adopted children had serious illnesses and have been able to thrive in the U.S. and with Russian orphanages easily overcrowded, these children will not have the quality of life they deserve. The ban on adoptions from Russia will, as the article says, cause more tension and most likely break the already fragile relationship that Russia and the U.S. has had since the end of the Cold War.

Though in recent developments, Russia has said that it will allow some of the adoptions that are already in process to be completed, it is essentially harming itself because of this ban. With many heartbroken hopeful parents in the U.S. there are equal if not more children in Russia who will no longer have a chance at a good home.


One thought on “Russian adoption ban about more than the children.

  1. I too have been very interested in this issue. While having a conversation with someone about it the other day, I found out that Russia also has the highest rate of abortions in the world. I looked this fact up just to verify it. According to the Daily News, “1.3 million, or 73 per 100 births in 2009 – is the world’s highest.” This is crazy! If approximately 73% of pregnancies in Russia already ended in abortions, how much of an increase will this new ban create? Great editorial post!

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