My favorite Super Bowl ad… who was it advertising?

I have never watched the Super Bowl because I love football. The day of the game is usually full of new information such as who’s playing, what their colors are, which teams my friends are rooting for and what food will be at the party.

What I do know is that there will be some expensive commercials created with the goal to be entertaining, sentimental and memorable. While the commercials (for the most part) fall into one of those categories, there seems to be confusion between being memorable for the storyline and being memorable for the actual product being advertised.

I feel like I run into this problem a lot with Super Bowl ads. Last year it was the kid Darth Vader one, I just remembered it was a VW commercial because I googled it, and this year was the “Space Babies” commercial. It was hilarious. However, at the moment I am writing this paragraph I am not be able to tell you who the commercial was advertising. I do know it was a car.

Perhaps I’m just not paying close enough attention, but the problem seems to be that advertisers are trying too hard. There has to be a balance between the overload of cuteness on my screen and the actual product that is being promoted. Especially when it’s a product that doesn’t have a recognizable spokesperson.

The most memorable Super Bowl commercials for me were the M&M’s and E*Trade. Why? because I’ve seen their commercials before and they continued on a recognizable storyline. The Space Babies were just as adorable as the E*Trade baby, but they were new. Who doesn’t love the E*Trade baby?

Overall, I always seem to be more disappointed by the Super Bowl commercials than excited. And the ones that I do like I couldn’t tell you who the commercial was for. What was your favorite commercial? Your least favorite?


One thought on “My favorite Super Bowl ad… who was it advertising?

  1. You’re right! When it comes to advertising there does need to be a good balance of “get’cha” content and actual recognizable product placement. The thing that is always a good way of becoming a recognizable ad is consistency. The e*Trade baby is something that we continue to see and those ads are now easily recognizable as to who they are representing because they have built up that “character” as their spokesman. Going without any kind of spokesman or easily recognizable format can lose the audience quickly.

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