Oscar Recap

Oh awards season, you always seem to capture my heart. The Oscars mostly. While many say that the Oscars are outdated but to me they celebrate something I’ve loved my whole life: film.

Growing up, my family watched movies all the time. From the films pairing Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire to Star Wars and even more recent films, I’ve always been enchanted by the stories told.

Needless to say, I love watching the Oscars because it allows me to get even more excited about about film and those who are advancing the industry. So here is a short recap about this year’s Oscars.

The host: I’ll be honest, when they announced that Seth MacFarlane was the host this year, I had no idea who he was. Having never watched Family Guy or Ted, and having no desire to, I didn’t know how this was going to go. But I was pleasantly surprised. He was sort of funny. It doesn’t take talent to make raunchy jokes, so even though some of his jokes were borderline, for the most part I wasn’t worried about little kids watching the show. However, I still believe that Hugh Jackman is the best host that I remember.

The awards: In recent years, it’s become more common for films that we’ve actually heard about to be nominated. This year wasn’t much different. I was very excited for Jennifer Lawrence to win Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. I remember when she was nominated for the same category a couple years ago for Winter’s Bone so though I can’t this was long-overdue, I can say that it was well deserved.

Another well-deserved Oscar went to Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables. The amount of work and preparation she put in for her role finally payed off.

Though many will probably disagree, I was happy that Argo won for Best Picture. All of the movies in the category deserved to win so it’s hard to say that one deserved more than another. However, Argo gave an interesting take on a very important event in history. Though Lincoln did do the same thing…

The final winner that I will talk about is the animated short film “Paperman.” Everyone in my house was rooting for this short to win. Granted, it was the only one we had seen. The film used a new form of animation that combined digital animation and cartoon drawings.

Things that were odd about the Oscars:

  • Catherine Zeta Jones lip-syncing. The other only explanation is that the audio and video messed up on a lot of peoples’ TVs.
  • Adele winning an Oscar. She already took all the Grammy’s, did she really need an Oscar? She probably deserved it…
  • Ted- was only an excuse to tell Jew jokes and not get in a lot of trouble. Anyone else notice how the “Sound of Music” bit happened right after?
  • The orchestra is in the house other building across town. This was the first year I remember the orchestra not being in the same building as the award show. Good thing nothing went wrong.

While there are millions of other things that could be said about the Oscars, I will stop here. What were your favorite moments of the Oscars? Who did you want to win?




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