“The Inivisble War” is a must see

Last night while perusing Netflix, I cam across the documentary “The Invisible War.” I had heard about it before from seeing the trailer and it’s recent Oscar nomination, so I immediately chose it to watch.

“The Invisible War” talks about the horrible problem of sexual assault and rape that still occurs in our military against women as well as some men. It’s a problem that has had little progress because of the poor legal system in the military.

It follows the story of several women who were brutally raped and sexually assaulted while in the military, and when they reported it, they were the ones punished. While I had heard that this was a problem, I wasn’t aware of the magnitude.

Many of the members of the documentary filed a lawsuit against the secretary of defense in order to bring the situation to light and incite action. The most frustrating moment was when the U.S. Court dismissed the case citing that rape was an “occupational hazard” in the military.

I recommend that everyone take the time to watch this documentary. I also hope that it continues to stay in the spotlight until this problem is fixed because rape should never be considered a hazard of one who serves our country.


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