Spring Break: Pittsburgh

Over spring break, I traveled to the completely foreign city of Pittsburgh, PA. Now, Pittsburgh isn’t really thought of as a Spring Break destination spot, but as I am coming up on my graduation from UNK, this trip was more to see how I like the city as a possible place to live.

Next year I will be going to grad school to get a Master’s in Library Science (yes, librarians must get Master’s degrees in order to work in libraries). But one of the places that I was accepted was the University of Pittsburgh. I, along with my mom, had never been to Pittsburgh before, so it was definitely an adventure navigating the city.

One thing that we don’t really have in Nebraska is architecture that is over 200 years old. At least very grand architecture. The University of Pittsburgh is over 225 years old, so it was really interesting to walk through several of the buildings.

Overall, it’s really crazy to finally be at the point where my future plans have become tangible. Now I can put a place to the name as I make my plans. While there’s still a lot to figure out, I’m glad that I was able to spend spring break where I’ll be living come fall.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break: Pittsburgh

  1. Congratulations on being excepted to a graduate program! What an awesome opportunity you have gotten… I’m so jealous. Pittsburgh is definitely on my list of places to visit. Like you said, I’m sure the architecture is something to see all on it’s own.

  2. This is really exciting! I would eventually like to live in a big city, but even driving in Lincoln makes me nervous, so Pittsburgh would just terrify me! I think being a librarian would be awesome. I bet you can recommend so many great books that we haven’t even heard of.

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