Easter Traditions now that I’m older

On my mom’s side, there are 15 of us cousins. Being from the older end of the cousins, it’s been interesting to see how our family has shifted and changed as we’ve grown and some of us moved out and living away from our parents.

I’ve become increasingly aware of this when major holidays role around. This Easter, only 3/5 of my extended family was present for the dinner. With my youngest cousins off in their cliques and my ability to actually enjoy the adult conversation, the growing feeling that these large gatherings would soon come to an end, or at least only happen sparingly.

In fact, this Easter was the first time in awhile that my entire immediate family was together at the same time. It’s crazy as I’ve reached a point in my life that familial relationships must be redefined. It’s an odd stage because I’m not completely independent on my own, but I’m no longer a child.

My time seeing my family regularly is quickly coming to an end, so this Easter was bittersweet. But, thankfully, the Easter Bunny still brought candy.Image


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