Weather reaction: UNK and Kearney

Last night my roommates and I did what most normal college students do at the beginning of a storm. We ran around outside and jumped in puddles. After staying out long enough to numb our feet, it was time for homework, procrastinating and for me, time to sleep.

Around 1:30 a.m. my roommate woke me up to let me know that the power was out. Since I use an alarm clock, I’m glad she did. But at the same time, I could hear the storm becoming more intense. I’ve been through a tornadoes before, and because of that, I’ve been left with a20130409-182259.jpg serious respect for the danger that storms pose.

I looked out my window to see a bunch of flashing lights around the corner on 11th Street. What I couldn’t see a the time because it was so dark, was the power lines completely tangled up on themselves. The lights were from the crews working through the high winds, torrential rain and three rounds of hail to keep people safe and hopefully restore power.

It took about an hour before I could finally fall asleep again. It wasn’t until I checked Facebook in the morning that I learned about the damage on ca20130409-182314.jpgmpus. Even though I’ve experienced very severe storm weather, this is the first time that a place I have a connection with was damaged.

Even though the storm had sounded bad last night, I never thought that it was so bad to cause damage. Today I was in the Mitchell Center, a part of the library, and watched as they continued to throw debris from the roof. The damage to the library roof, and the damage to a lot of the materials really saddens me, because I used to work for the library. Thankfully though, the staff at the library worked extremely quickly to salvage the books. What I do hope is that the rumors will stop about a possible roof collapse and that definitive information would come soon. UNK has been my home for four years and it makes me sad that there’s so much damage and uncertainty.

Around noon I decided 20130409-182322.jpgto head home because the weather decided to turn cold. I’ve lived in Nebraska for pretty much my whole life, so I’ve seen a lot of sporadic weather. But this is the first time that I’ve had trouble defining what type of weather we are having. This afternoon is started thundering and then hailing, but it was obvious that the hail was actually supposed to be rain. Since it’s also nearly mid-April, my brain is having trouble believing that summer break is only a few weeks away.


One thought on “Weather reaction: UNK and Kearney

  1. Neat pictures and exactly right! Talking about the storm, what should we label it as? Winter storm? Thunderstorm? Tornado? It’s just amazing what this storm did and I could not believe when I read the paper, it said Kearney recorded the highest wind speed that night at 70 MPH! I think with the amount of precipitation and the wind speed, we are lucky UNK didn’t receive more damage. But however, it is sad to see the FAB, Library and MC with all the scattered debris. Hopefully most of the books in the library can be saved!

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