Gosnell’s case brings up safety concerns

Lately in the news, the case of Gosnell and the horrid conditions of the abortion clinic he ran has been gaining steam. While I will not go into the gruesome details, if you have not heard about this case, here is a link to a Washington Post article about it.

While this post could easily fall into the “dreaded talking points” that my professors loves so much, I was struck by an interesting and seemingly backwards argument of some who are pro-choice.

Because of the despicable conditions of Gosnell’s clinic, many are calling for stricter regulations on abortion clinics along with more inspections. From many of the articles I have read, proponents of abortion are against this, saying that it will close down more clinics making it harder for women to get an abortion.

To me, this doesn’t make sense. Yes, stricter regulations might close some abortion clinics, however, these regulations will most likely be put in place to keep the women entering these facilities safer. Would you rather go to a facility that is staffed with qualified employees and sanitary conditions, or one with lower standards where there could be outlying risks?

It shouldn’t matter if you are pro-life or pro-choice. Gosnell’s treatment of patients in his facility is appalling and should not be acceptable. Though this case in only an example of the extreme when it comes to poor medical practices, it also raise the question of the safety.

I, personally, am pro-life. I do not agree with the practice of abortion because of my religious and personal beliefs. While, that is my stance on this issue, I do not understand why those who are pro-choice would be against better regulations that in the end protect a woman and her body.


2 thoughts on “Gosnell’s case brings up safety concerns

  1. I have also been following this case, despite its minimum amount of publicity. Looking past the gruesome conditions of the abortion clinic itself, my favorite point of yours is that it doesn’t matter if a person is pro-choice or pro-life. Despite a person’s own beliefs on the matter of abortion, everyone should be in agreement on having safety regulations for abortion clinics. This is very good and I think it would make a good column if you were to stick with the argument you present above and specifically your last paragraph.

  2. No DTPs with this case; at least there shouldn’t be. By any standard, this place was an abomination. Now here’s a question: Is it horrible because it was a horrible abortion clinic, or because it was a horrible clinic period?

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