Look to the helpers.

When tragedy strikes, we are are given so many reminders that life is about more than “us.” As a collective, whether we were a block from the finish line at Boston, or half way across the country, we all felt the pain and heartache of the event. We asked ourselves, what we would be doing had it happened closer.

We prayed and hoped that the outcome of the bombing wouldn’t be dire and without hope. We watched with lumps in our throat at police officers, soldiers, paramedics and regular people raced to tear down the barriers that separated them from the injured. We sat in awe of the countless acts of heroism that occurred. Of people not thinking, but reacting.

In moments of tragedy, we are reminded that our human existence is more about community than singularity. We need each other to live and thrive. In the fast-paced society that we live in, it’s easy to forget that there is more to this life. It’s unfortunate that it takes a tragic even to bring us these reminders.

However, I think John Green’s thoughts on the bombing explain this feeling the best. Watch his video below.


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