Column topic, through the eyes of an international student

It took me awhile to finally pin down a column topic, but with a suggestion from my professor, I decided that for my final column I would tell the story of an international student who is going back home to Korea this summer. In these past couple years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many of the Korean students on campus.

One girl, Wookyung, has been in the same bible study as me this past year. While I will be interviewing her soon, I am really interested in what her full experience has been. I’m asking her what her struggles have been, and also what have been some of the really good things.

The question that I’m really interested to know the answer for, is what she wants American students to know about international students. I think the best way to know what is helpful and what is hurtful, is to simply ask.

I just wanted to throw my idea out there! I can’t wait to see what Wookyung has to say.


One thought on “Column topic, through the eyes of an international student

  1. Love this idea. Remember that this needs to be more than just a feature – it’s a column, which means there’s some kind of a simple story hiding in there. How are you going to tell this?

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