Microwave pizza… and things of the sort

Today during my final commentary and blogging class we had a short discussion about pizza. If you’ve ever spent time in the Mitchell Center, then you’ll know that random conversations such as these happen often. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of pizza. Sure, I like it well enough, and if others are eating it, then I will. But otherwise, I’d rather not eat it. However, I love microwaved pizza. Maybe it simply reminds me of the unique rectangle pizza that we were served in elementary school, but it has something about it that just makes me like it better. Or perhaps I just like it because most people don’t. (I can be like that sometimes.)

But other than the pizza topic, today was my last official class at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. This semester has been somewhat of a dream for me, like I haven’t really realized that it’s over. This is probably because it’s still cold outside. Thankfully we (Kearney) didn’t wake up to snow on the ground. I think this means God loves me.

It’s very odd to think that tomorrow I’ll be walking across a stage to accept an empty diploma holder. Hopefully I’ll be able to make my hair look decent under my cap, which I believe was purposefully created to make it impossible to take decent photos while wearing it. But then I’ll get my actual diploma (wouldn’t it be a complete disaster if they tried to give everyone their diplomas on stage?) I can only imagine the hilarity.

But then, after the fanfare, I will be left with only memories and a slip of paper stating that I spent four years of my life working towards something, and now I have it. And this fall, I start it all over (though for a shorter time).

I’m not going to think about that at the moment though. For now I have this summer and I get to plan for it! Besides working, I’ve got several things I want to do:

1. Continue writing: Whether blogging or working on developing my story, I want to establish more of a routine. Especially in the blogging aspect.

2. Read: Anything and everything. So far my list includes The Hunger Games trilogy (again), Escape from Camp 14, Cancer Ward and Anna Karenina. I might also attempt to finish Pride and Prejudice, but we’ll see.

3. SoulPancake: I love SoulPancake and I have the book of questions. So, I might be posting some of my answers here.

4. I have a smash book for my senior year and I need to finish it… I really should finish it.

5. Spend time with friends. Some of which I  may never see again. It’s a sad reality, but I need to accept it, so I’m going to do as much “hanging-out” as possible.

Besides those few things on my list, I think plan on simply enjoying one last summer in Nebraska before I head to Pennsylvania. What are your summer plans?


2 thoughts on “Microwave pizza… and things of the sort

  1. My summer plans include hanging out with you the entire month of May 🙂 and oh yeah… Argentina?!

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