The moment when God teaches me to be humble.

To be honest, this happens ridiculously often. Sometimes it’s when my parents pay for things that I wasn’t expecting them to pay for, humbling me because I am always in awe of their unconditional love and sacrifice for me. And other times, it’s when I accept that my summer job will be something that I never really wanted to do.

Being humble is hard. I think this is so because it’s the very opposite of being prideful, and pride is one of the most socially acceptable sins. My decision to work in Kearney this summer was because I didn’t want to have to live at my parent’s house. I didn’t want to work in the fields for a summer. But as this month has continued and no jobs have appeared, God’s shown me the prideful thinking that I’ve been trapped in.

The reality, my pride has made me believe that I’m above certain jobs. And quite frankly, that is untrue. I am not above anything. As hard as it’s been to accept, pride is a sin that not only I, but everyone is trapped in. It’s a heart thing that has made me do anything to not have to live at my parent’s house.

I have no idea what this summer will hold and to be honest, I have no idea what this next year holds. But what I do know is that God has something incredible in store, and it might just involve an open field and long laborious hours. And only by the grace of God can I say, “bring it on.”


One thought on “The moment when God teaches me to be humble.

  1. I can really relate to this. I am constantly being reminded of how I am nothing without God. It’s usually a tough lesson to learn, as none of us want to admit that we need help. One of the biggest lessons I’ve been learning lately is how truly empty I am inside when I try to ignore what God is telling me to do. I sometimes go through periods where I get caught up in my own plans and worldy desires. This causes me to drift away from Jesus and my relationship with Him suffers. The consequences of this leaves me feeling like a shell of the person that I am compared to when I am truly giving my life to Jesus. I’m anxious also about this upcoming year but my trust in God has allowed me to escape the stress that I would normally be feeling at the uncertainty of the year to come.

    Where do you work??

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