Radio Silence

Sometimes I go through periods of unintentional radio silence. I have nothing to say and rather than fill this space with nonsensical fluff, I would rather not fill it. This summer has been full of working two part-time jobs, cuddling with my 1 year-old-niece, and preparing for the biggest move of my life. To put it bluntly, I’ve been crazy busy. But today I have some time to rest.

It’s odd to think that in less than a month, I will pack up my car and make the 998 mile journey to my new home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve never lived anywhere besides Nebraska (and Kansas, but that was kindergarten and first grade, so I don’t really count it). I’ve never up and moved across country because of a dream that I’m chasing. And that’s what becoming a children’s librarian is for me, a dream.

I still have to pinch myself sometimes. Did I really get accepted to one of the top 10 Library Science programs in the country? Am I really starting classes on August 26? Sometimes I feel like it’s not real. As if mid-August will hit and I’ll wake up from a dream wondering what I’m going to do with my life.

But no, it’s real and tangible. I have a place to live now. It’s a five bedroom, two bathroom house that I’ll share with four girls I’ve never met. It’s the risk you take when you move somewhere that you don’t know a single soul.

All of this, though, is in the near future. For right now, I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop in Kearney, excitedly anticipating a wedding this afternoon. So many wonderful beginnings and endings happening all at once. As for when I blog again… well, you’ll just have to be patient.


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