And the countdown begins

Holy smokes. In exactly one week I’ll be in Pittsburgh, PA beginning the crazy adventure of graduate school and navigating a completely new city. I’m super excited but also completely freaked out. I’m ready to be there and get things started. But what that unfortunately means is that I have to leave a very wonderful place.

Saying goodbye is absolutely horrible, especially when the people and places you’re saying goodbye to are amazing. But in order for life to be lived, goodbyes must be said. It’s bittersweet, but I’ve been handling it fairly well (I think).

One thing, however, that I’m not saying goodbye to is this blog. My plan, which is never set in stone, is to continue to develop this blog as I develop. I’ll be updating about my time in Pittsburgh and I hope to post at least once a week about something. I have a few other ideas, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m not stressing out about it.

For now though, I must focus on packing and spending what time I have with friends and family.

Nebraska, it’s been grand and I don’t plan on forgetting you.


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