Let the adventure begin

As many of you already know, I have made it safely to Pittsburgh. Technically I’ve only been here three days, but it feels like much longer. I am still settling into a beautiful post-Victorian house with four other roommates, who are all very nice. (This post may jump around a bit because I am still a little out of it.) I love my room. My parents and I bought a desk and dresser so now I really feel like I can settle in and start my life here in Pittsburgh.

At this moment I’m sitting outside on a bench between the Cathedral of Learning and the Heinz Chapel. Though his famous is very much an urban campus, there’s still a lot of beautiful green space. My orientation starts today and I and to the Expo portion for a bit to learn about various internships and volunteer positions available. I didn’t stay long though because I didn’t know anyone and it was hot. I’m okay with this though because I know I will have time to meet the other students in my program. It’s times like these that I see how introverted I am. Some things need to be on my terms. There are a couple other things today so hopefully it’ll be a less crowded environment to meet people.

The big accomplishment today was this. My roommate and I took the bus to campus. We didn’t realize at first that we needed to signal the bus, but figured it out the second time around. Thankfully it’s really simple and I was glad to have someone with me. So now we just have to take the correct bus back! Oh, and the bonus is that Pitt students ride for free.

Classes start Monday and I’m not sure where one building is yet, but I’m really excited to see what I’ll be learning. Now to find a job here…

Well, that’s the latest update on me. Hopefully soon ill have a less frazzled post!


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