My fifth first say of school

I’ve never really enjoyed the very first day of school. Now, I don’t mean the one that happens every year, I mean the transitional one. This would include Kindergarten, sixth grade, ninth grade, freshman year of college, and now the first day of graduate school. Not unlike when I started my Public Relations major in college, while I want to be a librarian, I really have no idea what my core classes will entail. It’s all new material and all new expectations (to an extent of course, because come on, it’s still school).

So there I was, off the bus and sitting in the Cathedral of Learning to wait until an acceptable time to head to my classroom in the Information Sciences Building (which is a block or so away). Funny story, while sitting on the bench and reading, a guy comes up to me and starts the whole introduction thing. Now, I have no idea who this person is and I was certain he was a freshman, so my best guesses are one of two things. 1. He thought I was cute and thought that doing the awkward introduction would do something, or 2. He thought he knew me and when he realized he didn’t he tried to play it off as he was trying to get to know people… in the lobby of the Cathedral of Learning. I personally believe that the second option was most likely.

Anyways, I arrived to class early, because that’s what you do, and thankfully there were already people there. (Don’t make fun, this is expected and normal behavior for future librarians.) Spoke to one girl who I’d talked to weeks earlier over facebook when trying to find a place to live, and that was really nice to make another connection. Then class started.

My professor walked in, passed out the syllabus for a class that I really had no idea what the content would be, and began to speak. I always try to not get overwhelmed on the first day because essentially you get a ton of information and sometimes forget that it all doesn’t have to be done at once. As my professor continued talking, slowly and apprehension began to dissipate and slowly I realized that I wasn’t actually so clueless about the content of my Introduction to Information Technology class. There’s a lot of busy-work, but the good kind and thankfully, no major projects that are for sure to appear in my other courses.

For first days, this one was a pretty awesome one. I hope it was the same for all my friends who are students as well!

P.S. As much fun as it is to write these posts, it’s even more fun to get comments! Tell me about your day or whatever really.


2 thoughts on “My fifth first say of school

  1. Sounds like a good start to grad school! I had job orientation at Menards today, and it seems like my responsibilities as a cashier will be pretty light (which will be a good contrast to my work for the historical society). I was also concerned that they might be a bit strict about hours, since my scheduling for the historical society work has some variated hours sometimes, but it sounds like they’re going to help me work out the part-time work around my main job!

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