How I made peace with saying goodbye to blogger

I started blogging in 2009 as a freshman in college. My dear friend Kimber introduced me to it and the world known as the “blogosphere.” I began to follow many bloggers who happened to be moms. I loved reading their posts and seeing the pictures of their adorable kids, but I knew that I would never “fit in” with that crowd. I was realistic, I had 10 followers, wasn’t a mom, and didn’t really know how to grow my following or find my niche.

In my last semester of my senior year of college, I began using WordPress for class. I loved it for several reasons. One, it was a bit more my personality. WordPress had this feel that it was geared towards people my age, or that maybe I would find someone relatable on it. (In all honesty it’s geared towards older people too, which made me feel like I wouldn’t grow out of the space.

Two, I was beginning to find what I liked to write about. I never completely realized it, but when I was using Blogger, I felt like I needed to fit in with all these awesome bloggers who were moms and did sweet crafts. But that was impossible. It was almost discouraging because there was this ideal that I couldn’t attain.

And three, I am not a mom blogger. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that sub-section of the blogosphere. It’s an important section because it allows moms to connect with other moms, but I had to make peace with the fact that I was trying to emulate a group to which I don’t belong (yet). I needed to find my own path and WordPress allowed for that.

So I quietly and kindly said goodbye to Blogger and continued to say hello to WordPress. I almost feel freer in the content that I put up here. I feel that my blog has more freedom to evolve, not attaining to be like anything except for myself. My focus is developing this space into being what I want it to be and I enter new stages of life. The most prevalent one of being a future Youth Librarian. But for now just an overworked grad student.

I’ve never really talked about my reasons for leaving Blogger, but it was an amicable split. Though in other news I am back in Blogger for some class notes that I probably won’t share with anyone except for the class in which it’s required… Unless something we discuss is really interesting, then it might make an appearance here!

As I am excited for this journey, one thing is lacking, a community to join. Anyone know of WordPress bloggers that are interesting to follow?


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