Blackout Poet: Be a good by

A beautiful book titled “SoulPancake” is full of questions and ideas to cause you to sit and think about life’s big questions. I love this book and hope to be spending more time in it. Today I did just that. The challenge was to create poetry through the elimination of words. I ripped a page from a magazine, took a permanent marker and began to delete. The following is what was left.

Be a good by20130901-221036.jpg

Downtown I was affronted
with a large loud speaker
high over repentance and Jesus.
No one walking was concerned.
Unchurched outward accounts
this street didn’t sound the
loudspeaker caricature out in
cringe-worthy public.
Take example. Uproarious
personality should not be
surprising. Our influential soon
caught up this refrain to fall a
question of salvation.

Another so far blind and before
hundreds. No wonder increasingly
synonymous is enough. Stop when
you hear and wonder. I act, you move.
Outspoken incidents to silent.
One equal error mouthed to question.
The hesitant out risk the failing as
commanded. If silent, be of truth.
Discourse neither outspoken nor
mute. Yet find the crucial moral,
maintain and promote. Do not
subscribe for anyone. Hold to
instance and engage simply,
for these questions are wisdom.


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