The time I became partly interested in football

Anyone who follows me on Twitter slash Facebook slash Instagram knows that I went to the Pitt vs. Florida State football game on Monday *insert cheers here.* I’m not a huge football fan, in fact I would usually rather do anything else th20130903-205022.jpgan go to a football game. But season tickets (for students) were only $25 and it came with a free t-shirt so I thought, ‘What the heck, might as well go.’ (Not an actual quote, but a paraphrasing of similar thoughts.)

Plus, the only Division 1 football game I’ve ever been to was Ohio State vs. Oklahoma State at an Alamo Bowl long ago (so it doesn’t count.) My roommate (she’s awesome) also got tickets so we decided to make a night of it. We were smart and decided to leave two hours early because it was at the Steeler’s stadium and we had no idea that parking would suck as bad as it did.

Mind you, all of the parking lots within a half mile of the stadium are pre-sold, so we did a lot of driving around and to add insult to injury, it started to rain… I mean pour. However, we finally found (free) parking a bit of a walk away. Don’t ask me how far, but it was manageable.*

FINALLY we made it to the stadium.** But our journey was not yet complete. We had to find the appropriate gate. Now, I know that the Heinz stadium can look a little small on TV, but it’s really massive.*** And quite frankly, nothing was marked very well in relations to where students were supposed to enter. Eventually though, we found our way in and began the journey to the nosebleed seats in the upper bowl. The good news is that you can actually see things pretty well up there, the bad news is that students like to stand in the student section.

The first thing I noticed, well second thing really, is that Pitt students are not good with sportsmanship… at all. Maybe that’s universal, but it was annoying at some points.**** But as the first quarter began, I found myself oddly intrigued by the spectacle and learned a very important lesson.

Learning through osmosis actually works. No joke. It must have been the multitude of Husker games that I sat through during the years that somehow helped me to understand the basics of football. I actually knew what was going on.*****

Now, Pitt was quickly overrun by FSU and we left at the end of the third quarter (along with a quarter of the stadium), but overall I actually had a good time. There is a difference between watching football on TV and actually going.*****

So I guess the moral of this story is: Try new things kids, you never know if you might enjoy it… and hopefully Pitt will do better at the next home game against New Mexico. 🙂

*I do a lot of walking here in Pittsburgh. Most things are within a half mile of my house and I easily walk more than a mile on campus, so my measurement may be a bit skewed compared to say a place where things are more spread out.
**It was still raining but not as much. Needless to say we were a little wet when we arrived.
***Please note the sarcasm.
****Though in the third quarter there was this one time that a couple students were chanting “De-fense, De-fense” and then the defense did something dumb and all you here is one kid go “f*ck.” It echoed quite nicely and was relatively hilarious. But I digress. (also, excuse the language, it was for retelling purposes only.)
*****Within reason of course, it’s not like I became a football savant.
******Well look at that, I actually grew a little.


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