The wonderful world of YouTube

To be quite honest, there is too much suck in this world. It’s kind of outrageous. But at the same time, there is also a multitude of amazing, wonderful, and hilarious things that happen as well. So Fridays at Curiouser and Curiouser are dedicated to the things in life that aren’t so troubling. I hope to start off your weekend with a warm heart or a belly full of laughs (or both.)

This week I went to YouTube to fill your quota of laughs for the week. I’ve been late to the game when it comes to the magical qualities of YouTube, but I’ve been amazed to see the kind of content that gets produced. It’s an amazing creative platform and it’s so cool to see the variety of people who use it. So here are a few of my favorites.

1. Hannah Hart is the creator of My Drunk Kitchen, which is pretty self explanatory. I have yet to watch an episode that doesn’t have me laughing super hard, then again, I find puns extremely funny. Here’s her latest episode:

2. The next video is from across the pond. JacksGap, which features twins Jack and Finn Harris, is another testament to the platform that YouTube gives to those who love film and love creating. This video below shows the adventures of Inappropriate Megaphoning.

3. And finally aside from the entertaining YouTube content, there’s also some educational… but it’s also very fun. Mental Floss is a list show, hosted by John Green. I love learning random facts and there tends to be quite a few on here. Check out their latest video on 107 Regional Slang Words.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and be sure to check out more from these awesome people in the links below!

Hannah Hart


Mental Floss


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