Some thoughts about things

Pittsburgh is not a city to live in without a GPS. Roads are more tangled than your headphones when you need them. No joke. It’s one of the reasons that I’m thankful I can take the bus to school.

Being away from a population that is, for the majority, full of Husker fans, I now never know who the Huskers are playing. No one on Facebook mentions that tiny little detail. I never noticed that before, but I guess now if I want to know I have to care enough to look it up myself.

It was a good thing that I brought an umbrella to school on Monday, though it didn’t save my lower half from getting soaked by the torrential downpour that seemed to pick up once I got off the bus. After awhile I just gave up trying to avoid puddles because they were everywhere.

I wish that DVDs were still the main format for movies. I know that in today’s age my thinking is archaic, no, sacrilegious, but I have to be honest. Blu-ray players are so expensive!

I drank soda for the first time in about three weeks which is probably why I can’t fall asleep right now (it’s almost 2 a.m. at the time of this writing).

I sat through a two hour lecture about computers and their components on Monday and nearly suffocated from boredom. No offense to those who find that stuff interesting, but I seriously couldn’t care less. I’ll stick to my class that lets me read picture books.

My ice skating blades got sharpened for the first time in four years and I couldn’t believe that I waited so long. The difference was so obvious. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to one of the open skates after teaching so that I can get in some good skating time.

After reading for about 6ish hours yesterday, I think I found the limit of information that my brain can absorb in a day. Sadly I didn’t finish everything I planned to accomplish.

We’re experience an Indian Summer right now in Pittsburgh (or at least I am saying we are because it was getting cooler) and I don’t like it. It’s hot… and muggy. I am ready for fall weather.

As of today, it’s been twelve years. It’s crazy how quickly time has seemed to pass, yet the impact of that day has grown more for me over the years. I didn’t really understand in 5th grade, but I do now. It’s been twelve years.

Well, those are some thoughts on things. Please let me know your thoughts on things in the comments below, and, if you really want to, share this post with your friends!


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