Almost two-months in

Well, grad school is now well under way and I completely understand the advice that was given during orientation. Grad school will make you feel like you know absolutely nothing. I completely believe that now. Half of what I’ve been learning, I’ve never been exposed to before. This is mostly in our core classes and to be completely honest, I don’t really find a lot of it interesting. Some of this has made me question if I’m really in the right place. Before school started, I was so excited to become a librarian, and I still am, but it has been a major learning curve.

I want to be a children’s or young adult librarian in a public library. The core classes at my school tend to be more focused on Academic librarianship and Archiving. This isn’t bad, but it isn’t very relevant for me. Obviously, there are parts of those classes that are very relevant, but they’re snippets. Also, these two classes are overly general and slightly disorganized, which doesn’t help much.

Thankfully, I have two classes that are a part of my specialization. Sometimes I feel as if  I don’t have much to contribute to them, but I have been soaking up so much good information. It really reminds me of when I fell into my undergrad degree and really had no idea what to expect. I really knew nothing about public relations and journalism, but I learned and I excelled at it.

I think the biggest challenge is that the focus of my classes tend to be very theoretical. I’m more of a practical learner. Things make more sense once I’ve been able to put them into practice. Hopefully I will be able to get a job or volunteer work that will allow me to do this. Overall, I love being here in Pittsburgh. I love the city and the people I’m getting to know. I knew that grad school would be challenging, but I also knew that I wouldn’t understand how challenging until I got into it.

Please know that this is not me saying that I’m discouraged, though sometimes it feels that way, this is just an update on my adventure into grad school. I’ve come to learn that it’s okay to feel discouraged some times or admit that things aren’t all rainbows, but also that those times don’t last forever.


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