You can wear socks with stilettos and 24 other things I learned from Vogue.

My roommate gets Vogue magazine and I decided to flip through it. Here a some things that Vogue has taught me.

  1. It’s okay to only wear one earring.
  2. Flyaway hairs are also okay.
  3. Expensive perfume give me headaches.
  4. The vampire gaunt look is IN. (8
  5. The hot model pose is to look dead, but actresses who are modelling always get to look pretty.
  6. To be a model you have to be okay with unattractive photos of yourself in high-end magazines, but if you’re an actress, you’ll be fine.
  7. 90s grunge is back.
  8. In order to appeal with the less affluent crowd, there was one ad for Target clothes.
  9. Plaid is back.
  10. Heavy coats are meant to be worn without pants.
  11. The 40s are back.
  12. The 70s clothing and hairstyles are back.
  13. Over-sized jackets and heavy knit sweaters are back… hello 90s.
  14. The 50s are back.
  15. Emma Stone is really pretty.
  16. You can mix several extremely bold prints and be a-okay.
  17. Downy’ ad was very domestic. Cue the 1950s homemaker (there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s ironic because people usually get mad about ads or commercials that give any hint that women should stay at home).
  18. Stop plucking your eyebrows people because untamed ones are in.
  19. 60s hairstyles are back.
  20. The only food ad was a Crystal Light one…
  21. Smiling is so last year.
  22. GUYS! IT’S OKAY TO WEAR SOCKS WITH HEALS! There were three ads that showcased the style.
  23. You must NEVER show emotion if you want to be featured in a spread in Vogue.
  24. Being a housewife is in only if you wear an extremely expensive princess dress while cooking.
  25. To have a successful magazine, the ads must comprise of 70 percent of the content… who care about anything else?

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