That moment when your head is about to explode.

I definitely have the mind of a public relations practitioner. I want to be a children’s librarian, but I am not a scholar. I don’t thrive in academia and theory. I prefer to see a problem, learn about it, come up with a plan, and then put it in place. I have one class that just infuriates me because it’s all theory with little practical use for me and the career path I want to take. I feel like  some of my classes are more of a “means to an end” rather than a useful resource.. which is sad because I’m paying for them. 

But I’m mostly ranting because there’s about a month left of school and I hate busywork… of which most of my classes seem to love. Thankfully, though, in just over a week, one of my bestest friends, Kimber, will be visiting for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. I’m ready to play tourist here in Pittsburgh and to watch iceskating without being looked at like I’m weird. 

However, motivation to get ahead on my homework is severely lacking. I’ve said before that this semester has been a learning curve and the main thing I’ve learned is that I need to get as much done as possible in the front half of the semester. I feel like this post is very boring. That’s because it probably is. Maybe someday soon I’ll have something interesting to say. 


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