It’s Advent Season

It’s finally December and I feel like it’s okay now to talk about Christmas-y things. I love this time of year. I love that it’s a conclusion and a beginning. It’s a time for reflection and for thinking of the future. My birthday is this month. I’ll be 23 years old, though to be honest I feel like I already turned awhile ago. When looking over this past year, it seems like a lifetime has passed. I finished a four year degree and moved halfway across the country to a city I’d only visited once. I learned for the first time what it meant to really go out on your own with only your ambition and dreams to look to. I’ve also learned this year how much I am reliant of Jesus.

Which is why this Christmas season is extra special for me. I’ve always loved the Christmas story. I loved learning of a little baby whose birth began the fulfillment of a promise that God gave to Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit. A promise that he continued to give throughout the Old Testament culminating in the death of God’s son. This season has so much hope in it.

This Sunday I was asked to light the first Advent Candle of the season during the service. I remember growing up and sitting around the advent wreath with my family. While I think I was more bored than anything during those times, it was the content boredom which turned into embarrassment when we sang the song “Hark the Glad Sound” at the end of our time. Most of those feelings were because I was young and super shy, but they always stuck with me. It was a reminder of the hope that was given to everyone. The hope of a child who would bring salvation to the world.

It humbles me so much to know that Jesus came for me. He didn’t have to. And while I love all the other aspects of Christmas, I truly believe that the most important part is the birth of Jesus. Sometimes I wish I could truly put into words what believing this means to me, but sometimes I don’t really think there are words to explain it.

I hope that for everyone this season is full of wonder and excitement. That it’s a time for joy and family and friendship. I also hope that it’s a time for believing in Santa and decorating Christmas cookies, because I know that it will be that for me.


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