My Favorite YouTubers

Earlier this year I discovered the wonderful communities that exist on YouTube. Now, I am obsessed… just a little bit and I can’t contain the amount of joy I get from following all of the Youtubers and content creators I’ve listed below. There are many more I like, but the list would get a bit too long. Enjoy and get ready to waste a lot of time!

Grace Helbig- Daily Grace: Her sense of humor is very similar to my own so I enjoy watching her videos. Yeah, I feel like you just need to watch them to understand.

Hank and John Green- Vlogbrothers: These two are very smart and do a lot of things. They also explain a lot and have multiple channels and run under the mantra of “Don’t forget to be awesome.”

Jack and Finn Harries- Jacksgap: I guess you would call them aspiring film people? Mostly they’re funny and create amazing videos. They recently participated in a race across India to raise money for the Teen Cancer Trust and soon those videos will be coming out. Here’s the trailer.

Hannah Hart- MyHarto: Oh Hannah… she’s so punny. She also does a show called My Drunk Kitchen that never ceases to make me laugh. Here’s her most recent episode!

Mental Floss: As someone who has a keen ability to remember a multitude of random facts, this show is a gold mine. Here’s one of my favorites.

There are several other creators that I like to watch, but I’ll share them another time only to give the illusion that I do something with my life. Do you have any favorite videos?


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