When your best friend comes to visit.

inclineThis year was my first Thanksgiving away from home. It was weird and I was a little apprehensive because the idea of spending Thanksgiving on my own didn’t sound fun. But then… my best friend since freshman year of college said she was coming to visit Thanksgiving week! Miss Kimber is a wonderful person and I was super excited to show her the city I’d only been living in for a few months. (Which means that I couldn’t really show her a lot, but maybe next time.)

We had quite an adventurous week that began when her plane was grounded in Dallas due to a windshield malfunction. But finally she made it and we proceeded to traipse all over the city utilizing the infamous bus system. We went on the Duquesne Incline and it was snowing and foggy, so you couldn’t actually see the city, but then we visited the Holiday Market downtown to look at all of the authentic European wares being offered. A bonus of that is now I have most of my Christmas shopping done!

Hmm… what else did we do… Oh! We went to my work and Kimber got to see the busyness that is the Beechview Library. 🙂 Thenext day we went to the Strip District (which is not a strip club, just to clarify) and ate a Pamela’s Diner- which is cash only. We walked around there and then prepared to make our way to the great land of Amish country. After taking some backroads to Volant and New Wilmington, PA, (which included steep hills) we began to realize that Pittsburgh people are a little deluded on what their state actually looks like. I swear, I always get questions and remarks about the flatness of Nebraska, well, Pittsburgh people, if you want to know what Nebraska farmland looks like, drive around Butler, PA… the rolling hills of fields (the kind that aren’t steep)= Nebraska. You could literally confuse the two states.


We saw only a few Amish people, but managed to get some cute items from some quaint antique shops. We then went home and had some fun baking cookies. The next day was Thanksgiving! We were invited over to my pastor’s house and had a wonderful time. It was nice to be able to introduce my old friend to my new friends. After getting our fill of turkey and stuffing, we went downtown to ice skate. It was wonderfully fun!

Sadly, the next day Kimber had to say goodbye and head back to Colorado. But I was super glad to have the time with her!

Oh, we also watched three movies that week. First, we watched Blackfish… Sea World is evil. The we watched Lars and the Real Girl… which was surprisingly touching. Finally we watched Little Women… a classic always.

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful!


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