To all the haters

I loved the live version of “The Sound of Music.” There, I said it.

I know that this event got a lot of bad reviews, but sadly, everyone who slammed it didn’t pay attention to the plethora of advertisements and featurettes that repeatedly stated that this wasn’t a remake of the Julie Andrews movie. This was a production of the Broadway version of The Sound of Music.

I don’t know about you, but my high school put on The Sound of Music. I was in charge of costumes for the show and the first time I heard the rehearsal, I was a little confused because the songs were in a different order from the movie. The overall musical was different from the movie in many ways. But that’s the thing with live musicals. They are different because they are more constrained in their creativity.

So, when you view the NBC production as a live broadway musical that just happens to be filmed, it doesn’t seem as bad. But there are other complaints that I saw that I want to address as well:

Carrie Underwood’s acting: It wasn’t that great but you can tell that she tried. Acting is insanely hard– especially for live acting where an audience would normally be far away. How you act for a movie is different from how you act in a play. And while she didn’t sound like Julie Andrews, she still sounded great.

The costumes: I think one review I saw said that the costumes looked like they came from a community theatre… that’s a major insults to community theatres everywhere. However, I believe that the costumes looked like they came from Broadway, and guess what? They did! Costumes for plays are different than for movies. You have to allow for clothes to fit underneath in case of a quick change. They are made to be viewed from a distance and not up close.

Mess ups: This is a live show people. There are going to be mistakes. All the mistakes that I saw were handled beautifully, that is, they happened and then were played off.

Plays and musicals are super different from movies and television shows. They get one shot to get it right. It’s also sad that so many people have never really seen live plays or musicals. Having been to an off-broadway show before, I can say that The Sound of Music was pretty similar.

I know a lot of people disagree with me, but it was just fun to see a favorite musical of mine, live. This kind of thing doesn’t happen often and I think people should pay attention to the difficulty and the talent it takes to perform a live three-hour show. And while I love the Julie Andrews version, I love the broadway version as well.

Although, here’s a quote that I agree with from The Washington Post, “It was a stage show with no audience to play off of; it was a movie with no sense of scope.”


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