One Week Left

I feel like I’ve complained a lot lately. Some of it on social media, but most of it in my head. There’s a week left of school and I’m not doing to great healthwise. Here’s the short list: I have a cold which produced a fever; I restrained something in my knee and the doctor’s visit was unhelpful; I still have two papers and a project due. (correction, I now have only one paper left… and a project.)

That’s an awful list. The only way that I’m managing to keep it together is that in a week and a half I will be flying to Nebraska to spend 2 and a half weeks back home. It will be nice to go home and to see a lot of friends and family… though I’m mostly excited to snuggle with my niece. (Sorry everybody else, but you come second.)

I really don’t have the mental capacity to write much about the craziness of the last few weeks, it makes me tired to think about it. But soon I will be able to say that I’ve survived my first semester of grad school. That will be wonderful.


This is a short post because apparently typing wears me out… doesn’t bode well for the 2000 word paper I need to write. {It is finished now!}

Wish me luck.

This post sounds a bit like it’s the end of the world, I promise it’s not, I’m just sick… and injured… and stressed… let’s just think about Christmas m’kay?


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