More {Favorite} Christmas Songs

I posted last week some of my favorite Christmas albums to listen to during this season. Well, there are a few more songs/artists that are dear to my heart for a variety of reasons. Some are insanely humorous and some are just wonderful… and they are all videos! (You’ll notice that I like videos.) Without further to do, let the Christmas cheer commence!

First, the funny ones:

“I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” is one of my all-time Christmas songs that will never fail to make you smile and wish Santa gave you a hippopotamus for Christmas too. Don’t worry though, they won’t eat you because they’re vegetarian. Also this video of the song is from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1953.

Oh, Grace Helbig… this video is for people who are sick of Christmas songs and I am terribly sorry if you are one of them, because I keep writing about them. But this video is hilarious… and not completely appropriate (language) so, you’ve been warned. I still laughed super hard though.

Now for the less funny ones:

For some reason, “The Little Drummer Boy” is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I just like the story of the song- though the original versions can get a little dry, this version by The Almost is wonderful.

And finally, when I came across this song, I was struck by the beauty and the unique take on the Christmas story and when paired with the music video, it just took my breath away. If you watch any of these videos, watch this one.


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