Yeah, hi, I’m going to… um… to write about something

Hello there. 

It’s been awhile. Hasn’t it.

I don’t like posting something that I don’t absolutely feel driven to post here. And lately, every post idea I’ve had feels way too “motivational speechy.” And I don’t want to mislead people here to think that I’m just always full of happy and semi-philosophical thoughts. I’m not. I find that people really cling to the outside of a person without considering that they may be drastically different on the inside. I’m not going to get all philosophical about that. I also can’t spell the word philosophical… both of the previous times had to be fixed but spell check. I also can’t spell Presbyterian that well either (though I did just now). 

But I should say something informative right?

One reason I haven’t felt like writing here is because I have an idea for a book. It terrifies me (in a good way) but it’s been on my mind more than anything. The characters have at least. Though don’t hold your breath for it because for all I know it’ll be crap. It’s also terrifying to think that someone could possibly read it because I find writing to be personally impersonal. At least that’s how I view fiction writing. Everything you write are thoughts that have crossed your mind even though they aren’t necessarily thoughts or convictions you hold. But you’ve thought about them nonetheless.

But I kind of hate writing fiction. At least I can never seem to have the patience to develop a story, or to make the plotline more complex and interesting to avoid being a “cookie cutter” story. So I found a book called “642 Things to Write About.” It’s probably one of the most self-explanatory titles on the planet because it’s a book that has 642 writing prompts. Some of them are a bit personal while others ask you to write about the greatness of sandwiches.

My goodness, you’d be surprised how many words I have misspelled while writing this post.


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