Deep breath in, deep breath out. I can wonderfully say that I feel like I can breathe again. School is over. I am a Master at Library and Information Science… sort of. So the question is what’s next?

Well, what’s next is a slight breather. At this moment I don’t have a full-time job. As they told us multiple times during library school, getting a job is insanely hard. So I’m applying and looking for jobs in any place that I could stand to live. Ultimately, I would love to stay in Pittsburgh, but I know that realistically, I can’t hold onto that. 

Hopefully soon I will have a job that will work for the interim and help pay the bills. I know that finding a job in my profession can take time. Thankfully I still have my part-time job in a library so I plan on using that to my fullest extent. I’m so thankful for all of the support and prayers that people have directed at me. I sincerely could not have completed my degree and gotten to this point without everyone around me. 

But now I’m left with the question of, “what do I do with my free time?” I have no homework. None. Nothing that’s due (besides job applications) and nothing to be graded on. My days are very empty now. In this moment with a job in which I only work three days a week, I actually have time to do things other than homework. 

I’ve begun reading for fun. It’s a little weird. Throughout school, I’ve built a mental block to reading. It’s as if I have to get over a negative connotation of reading before I can start. This is most likely from being forced to read useless articles and such, so reading for fun has been a bit hard. 

But I need to read as much as possible to be the best book recommender as possible. We’ll see how this goes. In the mean time, however, I am going to try and keep writing here. Make this a more active space. 


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