My most philosophical of musings.

I have done this blog a great disservice. I’ve tried to be more than I am in my writing and have attempted lofty goals to reach a standard that can only be reached by those who aren’t trying too hard. Post after post has gone unpublished because they start off strong and then lack the point I want to make. They are deep and full of ideas I’m exploring, but nothing I truly want to share.

SO I am re-branding… sort of. I’m still going to talk about whatever I want in this blog, but I’m not going to try to make profound statements or wrestle with big ideas- on purpose at least. Instead I’m going to talk about things that I like. New music or books. Random musings of things I see, and maybe it will get a little deep on occasion.

As someone who proclaims to be a lifelong learner, I’m going to seek to do just that. To seek adventure in the most mundane of places to show that sometimes we’re living the adventure we wished we could always go on.

Okay, that was a little deep and I wasn’t even trying.

I am trying to re-excite myself with writing. I am also attempting to do the same with reading, but that’s another post for another time.

So here I go. We’re starting this again but on a simpler level. Hopefully it’s something worth reading.


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