And on to a new adventure.

I’ve moved house.

Approximately 530 miles away from Pittsburgh. {moment of silence}

Truthfully, there is only one reason as to why I could be persuaded to leave my favorite city and that is because an opportunity of massive┬áproportions came up in Fayetteville, North Carolina… And when a really awesome job opportunity {as a Youth Services Librarian} comes knocking, you open the door. {that was a bad cliche}

After a whirlwind {two week} process of saying goodbye and moving, I am now sitting in my new apartment {it’s totally a townhouse}, with a week of full-time work under my belt.

I’m exhausted.


I love my job {so far}. The amount of information intake is overwhelming, but it’s what I signed up for. I love my apartment too. I have finally finished the initial organization of my living room, dining room, and kitchen and will slowly get to my office and bedroom.

Fayetteville, however… might take awhile for me to love. It’s not the most hopping city {unless you count my neighbor’s music}. I just can’t wait for Kimber to get here so we can explore together!

In the end, this blog might start leaning towards being a more professional blog. I have no plans to delete anything already posted in my archives. It’s evolving and changing and quite honestly following the path I have been on.

But I make no promises.