About Me

Caitlin and GiraffeHello wonderful readers! There are a multitude of ways I could start this, but I guess I’ll start with my most recent development! I am officially a librarian! *insert children cheering here* A Youth Services Librarian to be exact! I will be spending my days working with teens (mainly) and children of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and planning and programming. It took a bit of time to reach my first full-time position, but I am so excited (and terrified) now that it’s here.

This blog began as a requirement for a class I took in undergrad, Commentary and Blogging. For the previous four years, I had been blogging at Curiously Thinking, but as I’ve changed and evolved, I thought it was time for my blog to do so as well. And once again this blog is transforming. I’ve been searching for something to write about, and it will still be a smattering of things.

You may be asking, why the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland references. Well, aside from being one of my favorite books, I love Alice’s curiosity and believe that life is better lived when we ask questions and notice the things that others may  not. This blog will cover a bunch of topics (really whatever I want to talk about).

I truly hope that what’s posted here will spark intelligent conversation and critical thought… and maybe some hilarity as well. I do hope that you enjoy exploring curious things!

*Also, I should mention that all opinions and thoughts expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Cumberland County… I think that’s how I’m supposed to put it.*  🙂



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